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Armando Faria, 66 years old, is Partner & CEO of TradebyTrade, a crypto-currency exchange platform.

He is Portuguese and obtained his economics degree from ISEG University of Lisbon in 1977. He is also a 1996 graduate of the PADE program from AESE Business School.

Armando has worked as one of the partners at Globac Holding AG in Liechenstein, where he led in the formulation and control of international financial operations with structured and leveraged with collaterals, cash and Bank guarantee.

He also advises in areas of trading, foreign exchange, and forex in prominent European and Hong Kong financial markets.

During the past three decades, he has served as a business partner or held senior positions in several companies and financial groups in: Portugal, Suisse, and Brazil with a keen focus in crypto-currency markets in the last five years.

Armando Faria - Economist

  Armando Faria - Economist


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